Governors of The Seattle Metroplex

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Governors of The Seattle Metroplex

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Charles C. Lindstrom
2018 – 2028

Elected as Mayor of Seattle in 2018, he retired Governor in 2028. He is responsible for the creation of the Metroplex.

Victor Allenson
2036 – 2039

Known as “Vic the Quick” from his old combat biker days for the Tacoma Timberwolves. During the election campaign, he made it clear his low opinion of metahumans and rode a wave of “human conservatism” into office. Allenson’s election sparked riots in parts of Seattle with high metahuman population, which led to further incidents of violence and racially-motivated terrorism on both sides, fueling the cycle. This sort of hysteria led to The Night of Rage.

News of the holocaust stunned and appaled the public, provoking a massive outcry against the Governor. Rumors surfaced that he was actually a member of the Hands of Five, a Humanis Policlub. Local Politicians, with heavy prodding from the United Corprate Council, demaded his resignation. On February 11th, he was found shot to death in his office. The mystery surrounding his death has never been resolved.

Kenneth Brackhaven
2070 – Present

Former UCAS presidential candidate that was elected Governor of Seattle during the 2070 elections. Ran against Josephine Dzhugashvili who dropped out of the race on account of her supposed AIPS.

Linked to the Humanis Policlub and other pro-human organizations.

The only noteworthy action since becoming Governor was eliminating Lone Star’s Seattle Security Contract. This came as a huge shock to everyone. He has instead made a new longer term contract (20 years) with Knight Errant.

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ShadowSEA Comments

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  • “Who Killed Governor Allenson?” is a popular topic for the conspiracy theorists (or used to be, before more recent and sexier conspiracies displaced it… man, I’m getting old). Most believed it was Lone Star, acting with the knowledge and consent of the Corporate Council, that did the deed and then covered it up, since UCC had decided Allenson was liability they couldn’t afford. Others think it was retribution by metahuman terrorists or some “lone gunman,” but the job was too professional for that. If it wasn’t Lone Star personel, then it was shadowrunners working for them or the UCC.

Governors of The Seattle Metroplex

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