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Lone Star

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Lone Star was founded in Corpus Cristi, Texas and in 2020 it was the first private security company to be hired for the purposes of city law enforcement.

Jump to 5 years later in the still young Seattle Metroplex where the police department is on strike. Bad move for them, because Governor Lindstrom declared the strike illegal, fired them all, and then hired Lone Star to do the policing.

Now another 50 years later and the usual 10 year contract is up, and it’s time for Governor Brackhaven to sign the lease. However in a completely unexpected turn with only a month of notice, he decides not to; instead signing a long term contract with Knight Errant.

Most Lone Star personal desperately jumped for job openings with Knight Errant (for a considerable pay cut). What remaining disgruntled workers are left in Seattle now head up the prisons system and the work for the occasional industrial employer.

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ShadowSEA Comments

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  • They’ve spread like cockroaches across North America ever since they got the Seattle contract. It’s nice to see them taken down a notch or two. It’s the only good thing Brackhaven’s ever done.
  • Good? Hiring those Knight bastards is setting the stage for inevitable tyranny.
  • You really do have a cynical view of humanity, don’t you?
  • Just realistic and experienced.

Lone Star

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