Kenneth Brackhaven

Governor of the Seattle Metroplex


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" Governors of The Seattle Metroplex "

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Former UCAS presidential candidate that was elected Governor of Seattle during the 2070 elections.
Ran against Josephine Dzhugashvili who dropped out of the race on account of her supposed AIPS.

Linked to the Humanis Policlub and other pro-human organizations.

The only noteworthy action since becoming Governor was eliminating Lone Star’s Seattle Security Contract. This came as a huge shock to everyone. He has instead made a new longer term contract (20 years) with Knight Errant.

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  • Racist pig.
  • Everyone knows he rigged the AIPS scandal. JD should have been governor.
    ~Kat o’ Nine Tails
  • Obviously a Knight Errant/Ares goon.

Kenneth Brackhaven

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